Anna Blendinger

Management, Partner, Realright, Team


  • Born in Nuermberg
  • “Abitur” at the Melanchthon-Gymnasium
  • Diploma in Business Informatics in Magdeburg (the city is underestimated!)
  • Research in the Very Large Business Applications Lab for SAP and T-Systems
  • Inhouse Consulting / Business Process Optimization at WGSU in Syria
  • At Promerit since 2010
  • Founding of Realright in 2015 (the Workday subsidiary of Promerit)

To me, working at Promerit means…

…a real team of character minds that engages each client anew. Ambition, expertise, and enjoyment of work. Flexibility and insight into the most diverse companies, but also a collegial base station in our wonderful Frankfurt office.

…Anna Blendinger