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Our consulting services in the area of strategy execution bring the company strategy into the organization. By means of a pragmatic analysis, an individually designed approach, and participative communication and dialogue formats, we facilitate an understanding of and motivation for the required measures.

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Our approach to Strategy Execution


Strategy Execution: Assessment

We establish the status quo for strategy execution by conducting a pragmatic, targeted, brief analysis of the relevant areas of activity.


Strategy Execution: Design

In designing the approach to strategy execution, we are guided by the relevant areas of activity of the respective customer.


Strategy Execution: Implementation

We implement the company strategy top-down and bottom-up by means of vision and mission development, systematic goal setting, and dialogue formats.



Begleitung der digitalen Transformation von der Strategie über Prozesse zu Kompetenz- und Kulturentwicklung


Zielbild Digital HR und Digital Employee Journey


Framework zur Abbildung von quantitativen und qualitativen Personalveränderungen durch Digitalisierung


New Work Framework

AOK Bundesverband

Digital Workforce Planning und New Work


Entwicklung digitales Kompetenzmodell und digitales Ambassador-Netzwerk




Why is it needed?

Every company is different when it comes to how deeply a strategy is entrenched in the organization. Employees at large and international companies in particular are usually informed to varying degrees and can only translate the strategy into day-to-day work to a limited extent. In order for strategy execution to succeed, the status quo has to be localized and areas of activity have to be differentiated.

What do we offer?

  • Survey of the status quo with tried and proven brief analysis tools.
  • Comparison with relevant benchmarks.
  • Identification of areas of activity and pain points.

What are the benefits for your company?

The organization’s level of maturity becomes evident and tangible, so that specific recommendations for action can be made to ensure successful execution of the strategy.


Why is it needed?

The individual situation of each company and the associated areas of activity require a tailor-made design. Our approach builds on existing materials, communication channels, and customer requests so that we can ensure the success of the subsequent implementation.

What do we offer?

  • Alignment at all levels with the process and content.
  • An approach to strategy execution that is tailored to the customer’s requirements.
  • A balanced mixture of communication and participation.

What are the benefits for your company?

Overarching alignment and the design of an approach that is tailored to the customer’s requirements provide a basis for the implementation that follows.


Why is it needed?

In order for the company strategy to take root, managers and employees have to know it and grasp its importance for themselves, the team, and the organization, so that they can integrate it in their day-to-day work.

What do we offer?

  • The development of a vision and mission makes the company strategy tangible and communicable.
  • Operationalization in the form of clear goals must enable managers and employees to recognizing their own contribution to strategy execution.
  • Only if the organization is involved can the strategy be implemented successfully. Our participative workshop formats and overarching, dialogue-oriented approach promote communication across the organization.

What are the benefits for your company?

Getting managers and employees actively involved in the process facilitates identification, commitment, and alignment – and hence effective implementation of the strategy.

Deep Dive: M&A

Why is it needed?

Companies face a broad range of challenges when merging organizations, departments, or teams. A holistic approach is the essential success factor for integration.

What do we offer?

  • Cultural integration journey: A structured and holistic approach to cultural integration in M&A projects, a comprehensive evaluation of areas of activity in accordance with the company and M&A strategy, other relevant transformation efforts, and agile and individual support from conception to implementation.
  • Change management to ensure that management alignment, effective communication, change and continuous evaluation, and a participative and user-oriented approach with relevant target groups and multipliers contribute to entrenching the transformation efforts in the company as a whole.
  • Formulation of a vision to achieve a shared understanding of the business objectives, development of shared values and management principles for shaping the new identity, and strategic dialogue to ensure alignment and behavior adaptation.

What are the benefits for your company?

Transparency and orientation thanks to the big picture of integration, effective integration of relevant areas of the company in order to exploit synergies, and the vivification and entrenchment of a new identity in the newly created organization.

Deep Dive: Restructuring

Why is it needed?

Organizations have to reinvent themselves constantly to stay competitive on the market. In the process, restructuring programs make a major contribution towards ensuring sustainable success. This depends on effective implementation in the sense of a company strategy and sustainable entrenchment in the organization.

What do we offer?

  • Change management to win over people’s heads and hearts for the new course through dialogue, communication, and involvement.
  • Agile organizational design, with the goal of setting up agile organizational structures, applying agile work formats and techniques, as well as business canvases and organizational interface design to clarify roles and responsibilities.
  • Workforce transformation to develop and implement staffing requirements with the capacities outlined in the people strategy (recruit, qualify, transfer).

What are the benefits for your company?

Sustainable (re)orientation of the organization and the workforce and alignment alongside the company strategy. Involvement of the employees and entrenchment of the restructuring measures for faster, more agile, and more efficient performance.



…durch die Anwendung von Design Thinking Methoden, Gamification- und Persona-Ansätze


…durch Prototyping und den Einsatz von Projektmethodiken wie SCRUM und agiler Unternehmensentwicklung


…durch Storytelling, klare Botschaften und zielgruppenadäquate Visualisierung.


…durch technische Umsetzung und das Erlebbarmachen in Form von testbaren Mock-Ups


…durch Leidenschaft für Digitalisierung und Spaß bei der Arbeit


…durch einen kooperativen Ansatz von Planung bis Implementierung


Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt der Digitalisierung

Mit hochkarätigen Co-Autoren aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft ist es Dr. Bettina Volkens und Kai Anderson gelungen, in ihrem Buch „Digital Human – Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt der Digitalisierung“ den Status Quo der Digitalisierung in Europa umfassend darzustellen. Sie geben grundlegende Antworten auf die Herausforderungen der Transformation. Mit einem Ansatz, der den Menschen in den Mittelpunkt dieser Entwicklung stellt. Was ist wichtig für Unternehmen und was nicht – das erfahren Sie hier.

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