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Today companies are faced with a different
reality to just a few years ago.

HR for Business Transformation

The increasing speed of change, insecurity, complexity and ambiguity are placing high demands on organisations and people. The acronym VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) describes the new norm. If companies want to be successful today, they have to accept change as the only constant in their strategy.

The dynamics of the environment require organisations that are agile and can repeatedly reinvent themselves. Focussing on the customer, the ability to transform is the most important corporate competence. Digitisation is both a driver and an enabler of corporate transformation.

A driver through modified rules and the emergence of new business models, and at the same time an enabler through the exploitation of the opportunities associated with it. This starts with the deployment of new technologies and new ways of working, and ends with the expansion or renewal of our own business model before someone else does it. People are at the centre of every change – this applies as much to digitisation as it does to every other strategic challenge. People are what make strategies successful – with their skills and their commitment. A willingness to change and the ability to learn are crucial requirements for personal development and the success of the organisation.

We support corporate management, HR management and employees on the way to the new working reality. We help them to be more successful in an increasingly dynamic world.

People management and digitisation are our core competences. We are the consulting service that makes HR the engine of corporate transformation. We offer HR for business transformation.

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Best of Consulting Award

Promerit has been awarded for the fifth time with the Best of Consulting Award from WirtschaftsWoche in the category Project Excellence Human Resource Management until 2015. Since this category was closed in 2016, we unfortunately were not able to continue collecting here.

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Human Resources Excellence Award

Our customers have received this award several times in the past years for their submitted projects. In 2019, McDonald’s, together with Promerit, won the HR Excellence Award in the category Corporate Candidate Experience (Events). The project convinced the jury with a strategic approach in which recruiting was consistently focused on the most important target groups and specifically interlinked with Talent Marketing. More information can be found here. Click here for more information.

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Trendence Award

Promerit has won two Trendence Awards in 2019 in the category Candidate Experience (Recruiting). One with the project “McDonald’s Job Day: Choose your team” and the other with Daimler “Rethink Recruiting. The award recognizes companies that have best thought through and actively shaped their Candidate Experience. The evaluation criteria are the degree of innovation, strategy, digitalization, results and measurement of success.


Employer Branding Award

The Employer Branding Award of the management consulting firm Symbiosis and the Employer Brand Managers Club honors companies that have implemented measures to strengthen their employer brand over the past two years. A jury of experts from the fields of marketing, communication, HR and the Employer Branding Award winners will evaluate the employer branding measures and select the winners. We are delighted that our projects with Daimler and McDonald’s have helped to strengthen both employer brands and that we have each won the coveted “Best Employer Brand” label in gold!


Best Consultants

Promerit is one of the best consultancy firms for HR and transformation in Germany. This was confirmed once again by the new industry report from brand eins Wissen und Statista.

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Deutscher Personalwirtschaftspreis

The award, “Deutscher Personalwirtschaftspreis”, is presented by the German Business Magazine “Personalwirtschaft” in cooperation with the fair “Zukunft Personal Europe”. In different categories companies are awarded which stand out due to innovative and future-oriented projects. For the project “Rethink Recruiting” with the customer Daimler, Promerit took third place in the category recruiting in 2019. The joint project has therefore won a total of three prizes this year.