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Differentiate or die – Strategic Employer Branding at Sky Germany

Initial situation:

With more than 3.9 million subscribers and generating a turnover of more than 1.7 billion Euro, Sky Germany is the number one Pay-TV provider in Germany and Austria. The listed company offers Pay-TV as well as On-Demand-Services for private and business customers. Over the last few years, Sky was one of Germany’s fastest growing media organisations and continues to focus on growth. Sky also offers manifold professional opportunities. However, Sky’s qualities as a premium employer are less familiar to most people. In addition to a difficult image of Pay-TV in Germany, aspects like “visible jobs” as well as the strong product brand predominate. Hence, relevant positions in IT, logistics and finance are difficult to fill, as potential candidates rule Sky out as an employer.

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The objective was to develop an authentic employer positioning to increase Sky’s employer attractiveness to relevant target groups. Furthermore, employer positioning was to be geared towards Sky’s corporate strategy:

  • Positioning Sky as premium employer in the job market – analogous to the product market
  • Clearly differentiating Sky from competitors to recruit and retain employees suiting Sky’s employer profile
  • Increasing employees’ corporate identity and creating brand ambassadors
  • Devising a target positioning based on the organisation’s anticipated development as well as relevant target group requirements
  • Identifying potential for optimisation (gap analysis regarding current and target positioning) to achieve a sustainable increase in employer attractiveness and develop a concrete action plan

Approach and Services of Promerit AG:

Objectives were pursued in four successive projects steps:


Determining general conditions and goals for the project, identifying relevant target groups and integrating Sky’s future strategic alignment.


Gathering Sky’s strengths and weaknesses as an employer as well as target group preferences. Qualitative and quantitative analysis methods recorded various perspectives (employees, management, recruiters and candidates). In addition, aspects like competitive job market environment and potential for differentiation were analysed.


Based on existing employer qualities and target group preferences, a general Employer Value Proposition (EVP) was devised constituting Sky’s employer promise with the dimensions „Fast & Alert“, „Market Maker“, „Work hard, play hard“ and „Passion for better entertainment“. These are supported by quotations and examples from the analysis phase. To guarantee both clear communication specific to the target group and credible expectation management towards candidates and employees, the EVP’s distinctive features letting it stand out from other competitive employers were determined and candidates’ desired employer qualities were compared with Sky’s actual situation. The new EVP was validated and finalized in comprehensive workshops with employees. Finally, a target positioning was determined based on Sky’s anticipated development comprising aspects like corporate strategy, changing target groups as well as changes to services, products and competitive environment. The target positioning was compared with the current positioning in order to deduce potential for optimisation (gap analysis). Together with management, the resulting potential was consolidated. Based on this, possible solutions to achieve a sustainable increase in Sky’s employer attractiveness were devised and integrated into a roadmap.


Based on the concept, a communication strategy was devised to promote the positioning, both internally and externally.  Together with the agency Weigertpirouzwolf located in Hamburg, Promerit AG regularly accompanied the creative realisation phase.  As part of the Employer Branding Campaign “Sky. The role of your life”, advertising motifs, employer videos, the Facebook page “Sky career” and the entire career website were completely redesigned. Now, each EVP dimension has its own visual motif. Furthermore, additional advertising media depicting the new branding are being used for internal and external communication purposes (stands at fairs, table tents, paper cups, banners, roll-ups as well as personalized notepads for Sky employees). As regards creative realisation, Sky relied on internal employees who were also involved in the project by means of a comprehensive internal communication campaign.

Selected project results:

The project laid the foundations for Sky’s best possible positioning as a premium employer:

  • Relevant, authentic and particular positioning (EVP)
  • Distinct expectation management towards candidates and employees with regard to what distinguishes Sky as an employer
  • Target positioning in line with Sky’s strategic alignment
  • Concrete action plan to increase employer attractiveness and achieve the target positioning as a basis for management’s decisions

Client benefit:

Based on the newly devised positioning, Sky’s appearance is now authentic, distinct and with a special focus on target groups critical to success. Defining a target positioning ensures that investments in optimising employer quality will also have a positive effect on Sky’s long-term competitiveness. With this Employer Branding Project, Sky was presented with the HR Excellence Award 2014 in the category “Recruiting Campaign” and European Communication Award 2014 in the category “Branding”. For more information on how the Employer Branding Project was realised, please follow this link and visit the Sky career website.

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