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The initial situation

Making us successful, together.

Mergers and acquisitions are key to Marsh & McLennan’s growth strategy. With three substantial acquisitions over the last years, the most recent almost doubling the scale of the business, Mercer found the challenge of differing cultures a potential barrier to realizing the value from the acquisitions. This was an opportunity to reinvent and reposition the firm to better reflect the value client’s recognise.


The approach

Approach in 3 phases

Phase 1: Shaping

  • Setting the tone from the top with continuous leadership alignment sessions.
  • Culture analysis with diverse employees in focus groups and the entire leadership team in interviews to identify cultural drivers and barriers.
  • Shaping of a desirable future with a cultural target picture integrating the brand commitments to combine the internal and external appearance.

Phase 2: Embedding 

  • Enabling of Culture Influencers to organize and execute consistent culture launch activities.
  • Kick-off in Experience Days at all Mercer UK locations to make the new culture tangible (addressing both rational understanding and emotional excitement).

Phase 3: Living 

  • Rollout of the new culture based on a balanced activity plan with strong leadership commitment to keep up the momentum.
  • Definition of a communication plan to sustainably activate different target groups.
  • Alignment of strategy and culture in a top-down dialogue cascade to ensure business relevance.
  • Development of a Culture Compass toolkit for long-term culture anchoring.

Facts and figures about Marsh & McLennan

world‘s leading professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy and people

76,000 employees worldwide

MMC has four subsidiaries – Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Oliver Wyman, and Mercer

present in 130 countries

As a leadership team, we wanted to make a difference, set us apart from the industry and culture became one of our top priorities.

Sylvia Pozezanac (CEO Mercer UK)

Culture needs to be at the very heart of any organisation. Getting right how people act, serve their clients and treat each other is so important. With the help of Promerit we have done that.

Christina Dove (project lead)

The results

Buzzing about the journey. 

A new, common culture for Mercer UK was defined and successfully launched for all 4,500 employees creating excitement and interest because the style of launch was so different: evidence of a real intent to change. The new culture was anchored through leadership commitment and tangible culture activities: enabling local leaders to embrace the culture in their own way. A community of over 120 volunteer Culture Influencers: passionate, energetic and inclusive, was established and empowered. Language and sentiment reflected in people processes and policy.


The conclusion

Colleague engagement and retention improved and the commitment and understanding of the Mercer brand and culture was reinforced. The framework for behavioural expectations is now clear to every employee.

Facts and figures about the project

100% leadership commitment in surveys to rethink culture

Co-creation in the culture development process involving over 120 “Culture Influencers”

30+ ‘Culture Experience Days’ across all Mercer UK locations attended by over 3,000 employees

Launch & rollout of the new cultural target picture for over 4,500 employees

The success factors

Setting the tone from the top through leadership alignment sessions

Co-creation in the culture development process involving over 120 “Culture Influencers”

Integrating external brand commitments and internal culture behaviours

Rollout of consistent culture activities to maintain focus and momentum

With a new leadership team in place and a burning platform to unite our legacy businesses, colleagues were ready for something new.  We had to show we were prepared to be different in how we tackled this.  That’s when Promerit came in.

Teresa Beach (project sponsor)

Our Culture Influencers have really stepped up to be bold, innovative and supportive within their office teams across the UK. They have motivated and inspired each other and others in  Mercer to embed the culture and truly work as One Team.

Vicky Thompson (Culture Influencer)

Mercer UK Cultural target picture

Our Awards for the project

Business Culture Award 2020

Click here to access our case on the Business Culture Awards website.

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