How Do You Encourage Employees of a Lighting Solutions Innovator to Strive for a Brighter Future?

At LEDVANCE GmbH, finding new ways to light up people’s lives is fueling exciting new innovations. Divested from lighting manufacturer OSRAM in 2016, LEDVANCE combines 100 years of industry experience with all the energy and ambition of a startup, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction.
Today, the company is expanding its product portfolio beyond traditional lamps with intelligent, connected lighting solutions tailored for the smart homes of tomorrow.
To foster a culture of innovation and build the skills employees need to succeed, LEDVANCE wanted to shine a new light on its talent management processes. Working with implementation partner Promerit AG,
the company replaced its disparate, outdated systems with digitalized SAP
Now, LEDVANCE can roll out essential training materials to employees with a single mouse click–plus it can monitor course completion and track individuals’ progress against performance goals. With SAP
SuccessFactors solutions, training and development at LEDVANCE is now a vital, vibrant part of company culture, boosting engagement and motivation and helping everyone achieve a bright new tomorrow.


2 billion 


Consumer products – lighting 


Garching at Munich, Germany



“Motivating employees to learn on the job is crucial to our success. Giving staff easy access to learning material encourages them to develop the skills we need to innovate and sharpen our competitive edge.”

Lucia Ramminger, Head of People and Organization Development, LEDVANCE GmbH
Lighting technology is advancing rapidly. To stay ahead of its competitors, LEDVANCE wants its employees to strive for excellence and innovation. With SAP®SuccessFactors® solutions, the company has made employee training and development more easily accessible and attractive than ever before –increasing engagement and motivation.

140 Countries where LEDVANCE is active

100+ years of industry experience through its OSRAM heritage

Global leader in innovative lighting products, with a strong focus on LED technology

Lighting the Way for Innovation with SAP ®SuccessFactors® Solutions

From the humble incandescent lamp to LEDs, lighting technology is zooming ahead. To help employees keep pace, lighting company LEDVANCE implemented SAP SuccessFactors solutions with help from Promerit AG. This has helped it shine a spotlight on personal development, raise motivation and engagement, and equip staff with the skills to succeed in a bright future.


Challenges and Opportunities

  • Align employee competencies with industry developments and environmental considerations
  • Secure the skills required to innovate and create exciting new products that stand out from those of competitors
  • Inspire employee enthusiasm for the LEDVANCE brand and motivation to always strive for excellence
  • Become an employer of choice and retain top talent
  • Replace diverse HR systems with a lean, modern, agile solution

Why SAP and Promerit

  • Ideal fit for LEDVANCE’s overarching digital transformation strategy that is centered on cloud computing
  • Mobile applications enabling flexible, anytime, anywhere access
  • Confidence in the robust data protection processes and standards of SAP’s data centers
  • Promerit for trusted advice based on extensive implementation experience coupled with deep HR and process expertise

Value-driven Results

  • Increased efficiency with a one stop learning shop for 50 national subsidiaries active in 140 countries
  • Introduced engaging new learning formats, such as YouTube and Massive Open Online Courses
  • Enabled intuitive knowledge sharing and social learning, encouraging employees to learn from their peers
  • Helped ensure compliance with mandatory training that earned a 100% acceptance rate
  • Helped secure LEDVANCE’s ISO 9001:2015 certification by proving that employees complete compulsory training
  • Boosted employees’ motivation to share their knowledge and learn on the job

3 weeks

To complete essential training for specific target groups


Positive employee feedback during a global user acceptance test


Employees to learn socially, from and with another

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