How Does a DIY Store Compete for Talent with Retail Giants?

DIY and garden stores know they must compete with top-flight retail names to recruit the best salespeople. Having piqued the interest of potential candidates, they must quickly show them that the jobs on offer are about much more than selling lightbulbs and fertilizer. A large part of the success of Hornbach, a European DIY and garden superstore chain, is the set of services it provides around its products.

With partner Promerit, Hornbach used the SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting solution to create a cuttingedge recruiting site that replicates the speed and ease of online shopping and keeps candidates hooked from the first, simple interaction. Teams can see every step in the recruiting process and intervene as needed. Hornbach is now attracting better salespeople more quickly than ever before to help customers build great living spaces.


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“Recruiting is changing fast. Candidates are more savvy, ask more questions, and want an individualized experience. Satisfying these needs helps us find the best candidates for the job.”

Amelie Widlak, Head of Recruiting, Hornbach Baumarkt AG


The new system makes life easier for Hornbach’s recruiters, who may be responsible for up to 70 positions at any one time. With the SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting solution, they always have a clear view of where candidates are. Customers benefit as well, with Hornbach now able to attract and retain the most knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced sales staff around.

9 European Countries

Highest Sales per store of German DIY retailers

153 Superstores

Continued expansion of market position

Attracting the Best Staff with a Premium Recruiting Experience

Finding helpful, engaged salespeople who can inspire customers is the key for DIY superstore Hornbach. After implementing the SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting solution with partner Promerit, it now has a user-friendly recruiting platform that keeps talented candidates interested from the first interaction..

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Attract candidates in an industry characterized by high staff turnover
  • Help ensure applicants grasp the diversity and depth of jobs in a DIY superstore
  • Reach diverse target groups across multiple channels in a highly differentiated way

Why SAP and Promerit

  • Flexible cloud technology that meets today’s recruiting needs
  • User-friendly solution for building and maintaining a candidate-focused career site in-house
  • Real-time diagnostics from Promerit, including a color-coded dashboard illustrating each step in the recruitment process

Value-Driven Results

  • New status as an employer of choice and more applicants for each job due to vastly enhanced marketing on social media and other platforms
  • Ability to meet the expectations of today’s white-collar applicants: high engagement, personal contact, and a consumer-like experience
  • Faster recruiting and higher-quality candidate shortlists using a state-of-the-art career site with great content


drop in paper-based applications within five years to 8-10% of total.


faster recruiting time

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