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Implementation of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud at DHL Express

The Initial Situation

DHL Express is the world’s largest logistics company leading the way in the field of time-sensitive goods transport and delivery. The company, often called the Big Yellow Machine, employs over 110,000 people worldwide in 2020. The growing international logistics market requires DHL Express to implement an effective approach to recruitment allowing them to attract, hire and retain the best talent. Also developing a globally standardized recruitment approach has become an increasingly critical success factor to strengthen the brand.


The Challenge

The core values of DHL Express are speed, efficiency and excellence. To live up to these values and succeed in a competitive global and digital market the company relies on high-quality data. The previous recruitment process, however, followed a local approach that lacked standardization and therefore did not fulfill the high demands required for standardization and efficiency. Essentially, the challenge was to successfully implement a new, best-in-class recruitment platform that optimized operational efficiency while enhancing the user experience of all stakeholders. The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud will help DHL Express to achieve its business objectives and to serve its internal and external customers in the best way possible.


Facts and figures about DHL Express

Founded in 1969 in San Francisco, CA 

More than 110,000 employees worldwide

Active in over 220 countries and Territories

Over 2.7 billion customers globally

The Approach

It was obvious that solely providing an excellent recruitment tool will not be enough, it also needs to be used effectively. Hence, a clear focus on the stakeholders and the implementation of appropriate global change management measures were crucial to the success of a swift and global launch. The aim was to create a standardized solution that allows for local flexibility while creating a truly global Recruiting Community that fosters best-practice sharing and knowledge exchange. Within 18 months a state-of-the-art platform was developed and deployed. It features a fully digitalized headcount approval and onboarding process, automated job distribution, full offer & pipeline management, a comprehensive real-time reporting dashboard evaluating over 30 recruitment KPIs as well as video interviewing, online assessments and an online shopping experience for candidates.  All these efforts were supported by a cross-functional Promerit project team that was composed of various HR Digitalization, HR Transformation and Business Transformation experts that delivered “as one” at lightning fast DHL Express pace.


The Process

To ensure a quick and effective rollout, an agile and pragmatic way of working was chosen. The iterative project plan enabled the project team to scale up the rollout significantly – including directly launching the tool in 60 countries in phase 1 instead of just introducing it in the planned 25 countries. To guarantee the sustainability of this transformation, Key Users in the regions were enabled through Familiarization and Training workshops. Furthermore, all Key Users received a comprehensive Change Management Toolkit. In additional a global expert committee was instated, ensuring regional representation and a robust multiplication structure.


The Results

In phase 1 the tool went live in over 60 countries and 17 languages. The following phase 2 saw an additional 88 countries rolling out Taleo within the nine months. The overall goal was to implement a well-accepted system across all of DHL Express in only two phases with the newly introduced global recruiting system dramatically improving the user experience for candidates, HR and the business alike. Recruiters are now easily able to attract candidates and keeping them engaged throughout the entire recruitment process. On average, the time to fill positions was reduced by 75 percent – making HR a better service provider while creating a true value-add for the business.

Image source: DHL Express

Facts and figures about the project

Go-live in over 148 countries in less than 18 months

Implementation of full end-to-end recruitment lifecycle

 Time to recruit new talent reduced by 75 percent

Over 11,500 active system users in HR as well as the business

 The Promerit team is incredibly ambitious, but still knows how to have fun. We finally found a vendor that can keep up at Express pace – we went live in 148 countries in under 18 months. This was in part due to the fantastic collaboration across the different workstreams (HR Transformation, Business Transformation, HR Digitalization). Not only was this one of the top 10 digitalization initiatives within Express globally, Oracle also called it the fastest Taleo implementation ever based on the scope, languages and global coverage.
– Mario Tonndorf, Global Head of Talent Attraction, Acquisition & Brand, DHL Express

Image source: DHL Express

The success factors

Bottom-up project organization – system designed in close alignment with all of HR and the business to keep the user experience in the focus

Global change management – effective change management measures implemented, and global communication concept elaborated

Self-learning platform – Recruiting Academy set up to offer easy access to best practice guides and video tutorials

Community building – strong Regional Expert Team and self-sustaining Global Recruitment Community developed and firmly established

Global governance management – comprehensive design of interlinked and standardized processes ensured

Knowledge management – gathering and central storage of knowledge on a project wiki page

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