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SAP SuccessFactors “Performance & Goals” implementation at the beelineGROUP

The Initial Situation

The Beeline company has grown rapidly and has constantly had to face new challenges. This has led to processes being developed differently in different countries. One example is Human Resources: Managers, employees as well as HR felt that the patchwork of different technical solutions was sub-optimal. Everyone agreed that they wanted an agile, future-proof solution.

The Challenge

This project was about more than just replacing individual tools – a future-oriented holistic solution for HR was to be set up internationally. This solution needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Standardization and process optimization
  • Reduction of administrative expenses
  • Scalable in an international context
  • Motivating and comfortable for the employees
  • Agile solution with adjustable yearly targets

Facts and figures about beeline

founded in 1990

4.200 employees worldwide

present in 44 countries

24,050 retail spaces 

The Approach

As a response to the technical aspect of this challenge, Beeline decided to extend their SAP SuccessFactors career portal solution by adding the “Performance & Goals” module. Critical for this decision was the module’s range of services and Beeline’s SAP-oriented HR IT roadmap.

The Process

The project began with a blueprint phase. In this phase, all central requirements were discussed in a process design workshop. The requirements and potential implementation options and decisions were recorded. Beeline HR Systems resources participated in the system administration training at the start of the project which enabled them to actively participate in the configuration and to help prepare the iteration workshops. In total, two iterations and a final test were carried out, during which the configuration was further specified. The project results were sounded with international stakeholders after each iteration. This was done to both keep other countries besides Germany informed and to ensure that the defined process could be rolled out worldwide. Towards the end of the project, a relatively large amount of time was spent on preparing training courses, internal communication and change management.

The Results

Through the use of SAP SF Performance Management, the new processes for target agreements and performance appraisals have significantly reduced expenses and made the management of employee appraisals much more flexible. As a result, Beeline has greatly improved the conduct and follow-up of these discussions with a solution that is extremely convenient for employees, managers and HR. In addition, regular performance appraisals and the definition of development priorities for each individual Beeline employee are now at the heart of every appraisal discussion. This contributes significantly to employee satisfaction and strengthens the feedback culture at Beeline.

Facts and figures about the project

5 months from kick-off to go-live 

Roll-out planned for 44 countries

35 consultant days

4.200 user

Thanks to the implementation, HR is able to steer the processes much more easily and provide targeted support. Furthermore, we ensured that the data from the new module could also be used as the basis for adjacent processes such as the implementation of succession and development planning at Beeline.” 

– Stephanie Loy (Project Manager, Promerit AG)

The success factors

Focus on knowledge transfer; In the future, Beeline can independently make adjustments to the system

Comprehensive communication and early involvement of all stakeholders

Application of best practices from Promerit from similar projects in other companies

Strong management support for the project

Workshops to adapt the solution for all users

Intensive software & subject matter training for Beeline employees

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Simon Schwarzhaupt

Simon Schwarzhaupt


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