The new Shape of Work

The futue of work is not a place but a state that we shape together, using our work culture and leadership as building blocks. With our methods and project experience you will also be successful in the new working world. – Kai Anderson, Partner, Mercer | Promerit

What we offer

What we offer

We identify individual employee preferences as well as the respective role types and working models in order to derive customized frameworks and concrete management recommendations for action.

Identification of employee preferences

The preferences of the employees and the collective developing of the future of work are in the center of our approach. Using Remesh as a state-of-the-art tool for virtual interaction, we enter a qualitative dialogue with the organization.

Individual needs are structured in preference types and form the starting point for further development.

Definition of role types and working models

We use an online survey to develop a comprehensive overview of the role requirements and work structure of your organization. On this basis, we analyze the requirements that arise from the type of work in the various functions for the design of the new ways of working. We enhance this internal analysis with our global Mercer benchmarks and research findings.

The results are compiled into role types and demands on the frameworks are derived.

Framework & Target Picture

The evaluated requirements from employee preferences as well as role types and working models are systematically derived into effective frameworks:

  • Culture & Leadership: Fostering a culture of trust and responsibility as key elements for leadership and collaboration
  • Competencies: Development of competencies and skills for the new ways of working, such as distance leadership or self-management
  • Organization: Establishing suitable policies and processes in dialogue with employees
  • Methods & Tools: Providing the necessary methods and tools for the new working methods, such as MS Teams, Miro or Slack
  • Infrastructure: Building the required office infrastructure for hybrid working methods
  • Legal: Consideration of legal requirements in the development of new ways of working

Clear management recommendations for the frameworks provide guidance for action. We calculate a business case, define quick wins and draw up a short-, medium- and long-term implementation plan.

Success factors

Identifying and realizing business benefits

Strengthening employee flexibility and autonomy

Combining the right methods and tools

Enabling cultural and leadership progress

Establishing a hybrid world of working

Maintaining the social glue

Quick Cards

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