Transparency, feedback and consistency
are the drivers of a new, modern leadership approach.

HR Transformation

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Transparency, feedback and consistency are the drivers of a new, modern management concept. Curiosity, passion and personal flexibility are the key requirements for employees in the new world of work. The acquisition and development of these skills is a challenge that we face together with our clients.

For that purpose we have to develop (entirely) new HR strategies and create effective HR tools. All from the client’s perspective, all well-conceived, all end-to-end. Our philosophy and that of our clients is the joint development of people and of the entire organisation – for their mutual benefit.

Our HR strategies translate the requirements of the company to the team. The aim of our talent acquisition consulting service is to acquire people with the right skills and competences. Identifying the right competences is the job of our consulting experts for talent & leadership. Our strategies and concepts have to be reflected in effective, digitised processes – our HR process transformation services achieve just that. And when it comes to making key appointments in the new HR organisation, we can also provide support with our HR services.

With us, HR management is part of the business, efficient and agile. It makes a direct contribution to the success of the company and is effective.

HR Strategy

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Many companies are in the middle of a massive transformation process, due to a changed market and competitive environment, or other external factors such as demographic development and the scarcity of qualified staff that this can cause – not forgetting the demands of globalisation and digitalisation. Such far-reaching transformation usually goes hand-in-hand with a strategic reorientation.

Within this, as a partner to the company’s executive management, Human Resources is mandated to translate the overall company strategy into an appropriate HR strategy that integrates the defined value drivers while remaining firmly focused on the benefit to the end-client.

We ensure optimal support for company transformation by acting on all six organisational development levers, providing a perfectly tailored HR service portfolio, and helping build an agile HR organisation.

Our services

We help you to design your HR organisation to be agile – and fit for the future:

  • Systematic analysis of the client’s requirements and definition of the HR value drivers: what are the future demands on HR?
  • Development of the entire HR strategy derived from the company strategy and the relevant business environment factors: how can HR best fulfil these requirements?
  • Derivation of the appropriate future-orientated HR service portfolio: which HR services are required for this?
  • Examination of the service prerequisites and derivation of the areas of action: how can we optimally design the HR services of the future?
  • Design of the agile HR organisation aligned with the strategic requirements: how do we need to align the HR organisation with these?
  • Qualification and coaching of HR managers and employees: which competencies need to be deepened?
  • Accompanying the implementation of the HR strategy and the design of the agile HR organisation, including change management: how can the new HR organisation be most effective?
  • Development and establishment of additional HR strategy topics such as strategic personnel planning and job architecture: what bases need to be created for this?

The value we add

Promerit’s years of specialist HR and operative business experience help us develop solutions that are a perfect fit for your company.

Our team provides comprehensive expertise in all relevant topics such as HR strategy and organisation, HR IT and change management.

We’re passionate about transforming HR into a value-adding business partner and peer!

We understand agility not as a method but as an attitude


Armin von Rohrscheidt

Talent & Leadership

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Company transformation sometimes creates completely new business models. Organisations therefore often need employees with new skill-sets and characteristics. This makes competency models that include transformation and digitalisation the ‘gearbox’ for far-reaching change in the core business. Suitably qualified and available employees are hard to find these days, meaning that the internal expansion and development of these key strategic competencies and a matching management toolbox are success-critical core tasks.

Our services

We help you align your organisation for the future regarding these talent and management topics:

  • Competency management and diagnostics
  • Job architecture and requirement management
  • Strategic personnel development and talent management
  • Performance management and feedback
  • Development and learning
  • Diagnostics and manager development.

The value we add

  • Big-picture perspective: we bring the required top-level understanding to bear on issues that range from business change-management expertise, through guidance and process-document know-how, to precise knowledge of the specialist HR levers
  • Effectiveness: we not only focus on selecting the most effective HR tools but also ensure secure their effectiveness in an operative business context
  • Acceptance and precise fit: our approaches work in real-world business, thanks to agile methodologies in developing fresh solution approaches with HR, but also in particular through dialogue with executive directors, management and employees
  • Know-how: through our years of operative experience we have gained a comprehensive understanding of sectors and target-groups, and provide a cross-disciplinary team
  • A one-stop shop: at Promerit we are best-placed to provide your company with 360° HR consultancy – from strategy, through concepts and tools, to execution and implementation.

Nicole Peichl

Talent Acquisition

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Topics such as demographic trends, changing values and digitalisation are forcing companies to reinvent themselves constantly – and rapidly. To be successful, companies need to master numerous new competencies that they are not able to develop with their existing workforce. External access to target groups and an effective recruiting toolbox are becoming increasingly mission-critical.

Our services

We help you to sustainably structure your Recruiting organisation for the future:

  • Recruiting strategy: comparison with the requirements of company strategy, definition of target groups, analysis of the current recruiting toolbox, strategy formulation, definition of tools and processes
  • Employer attractiveness / employer branding: analysis of actual employer quality, formulation of the Employer Value Proposition, internal and external communication concept, creative conceptualisation
  • Personnel marketing / sourcing: identification of measures, channels and formats to optimally approach success-critical target groups, application of new techniques for targeted approaches (active sourcing, TRM, guerrilla recruiting, social media)
  • Recruiting / talent acquisition: realignment of the Recruiting organisation, deriving roles, processes and service levels, aligning Recruiting based on the Candidate Experience)
  • Employer transformation / employer of the future: designing modern ways of working, Work 4.0.

The value we add

  • Promerit offers a fully comprehensive portfolio that ranges from the transfer of company strategy, through the right recruiting strategy, processes and concepts, to system implementation and use
  • We are well-placed to assess employer attractiveness accurately, and enhance it – we therefore go much further than would be possible with employer branding alone
  • Through our depth of experience in a wide spectrum of business sectors we have an excellent understanding of target groups and processes
  • Our team brings together communication and creation at the highest level, along with leading-edge conceptual expertise and real-world recruiting know-how
  • We understand how to interface human know-how with technology – for instance e-Recruiting and CRM – as well as associated conceptual topic areas including strategic personnel planning and competency management.

Michael Eger

HR-IT Strategy

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Successful simplification, automation and outstanding User Experience are just a few examples of today’s demands on HR IT systems. HR IT strategy is a cornerstone of digitalisation in achieving these goals. HR IT strategy becomes a driver of HR digitalisation in companies capable of change, thanks to a skilful selection of agile project approaches and innovative software solutions such as HCM Cloud. HR IT strategy enables companies to adapt faster to these new requirements on HR and the core business; simplification and automation smooth the transition from an overburdened HR administration to an agile, streamlined and employee-centric HR organisation.

Our services

HR IT strategy development & HR IT roadmap

  • We support you in the strategic design of your HR system environment and HR IT set-up plan, aligned with HR strategy as well as IT strategy
  • We partner you in HR IT transformation and your transition to a cloud-based system
  • We support you in the digitalisation and automation of HR processes and services
  • HR IT Vendor Selection: Promerit is there to assist you in selecting HR IT software providers to meet your unique requirements.

The value we add

  • We provide integrated solutions that keep vital HR topics as well as IT strategy clearly in view, and help you optimise the interaction between HR, HR IT and IT.
  • Promerit is one of very few consultancies whose expertise covers all current HCM software suppliers, which makes our strategy implementation highly effective.
  • HR IT strategy requires both HR and IT expertise. We blend this with a strategic mindset and a firm focus on real-world implementation.
  • We get passionate about projects – they’re our core competency. Our roadmaps integrate specialist as well as technical aspects, and therefore take account of restrictions such as time, budget and personnel limitations.

Armin von Rohrscheidt

HR Process Transformation

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The success of HR transformation hinges to a great extent on process redesign and process governance. The ‘cloud readiness’ of the organisation and HR processes are decisive in the digitalisation of HR processes. Process simplification, user-orientation and the application of agile working methods such as Design Thinking and Human Centred Design are just as vital as consistent alignment with the company’s value chain and corporate strategy.

 Our services

  • HR transformation check: we are best-placed to evaluate the maturity of an HR organisation and its processes, based on predefined criteria such as process maturity and degree of digitalisation. Following this, we work out the target picture for the HR organisation and its processes, in order to derive the transformation need. How do I get from the AS-IS situation to achieving the VISION?
  • HR transformation: our highly experienced consultants are right by your side during the implementation of the transformation of your HR organisation and HR processes. This includes defining those processes that need to function in interaction with the HR operating model as well as the interaction model and HR IT system, and validating HR capacities. We will flag possible qualification and adjustment requirements to you in good time.
  • Simplification of HR processes: we support you in designing your HR organisation consistently – right across the HR process map.
  • Close integration with our services
    • HR strategy (via the definition of the HR service portfolio, for which we have worked out the processes / process governance together with the client)
    • HR IT strategy (as the HR IT strategy needs to follow the specialist requirements arising from HR process governance)
    • Workforce activation (in the implementation of the HR transformation).

The value we add

  • We maintain a full overview of the HR service portfolio and process implementation progress
  • Our holistic consultancy approach guarantees you optimum simplification.
  • Our processes keep the HR and HR IT strategies fully functional.
  • Promerit means cross-sector benchmarking on a process level.
  • Processes integrate the other ‘HR performance requirements’ such as a robust, streamlined HR organisation and HR IT systems.

Armin von Rohrscheidt

HR Services

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In organisations undergoing rapid change there is frequently a need for practical, hands-on action. The very best concept will be utterly ineffective if the actors are not (yet) on board, or there are know-how deficits. Our HR Services meet this need and provide direct support through qualified trainers, recruiters and interim managers, with the execution of assessments and training courses, as well as in the effective search for specialist HR staff and executives.

Our services

We help you provide your HR organisation temporarily or permanently with the experts you need for successful concept implementation:

  • Manager development: we carry out training courses and organise the entire process – from the training concept, through content optimisation and materials preparation, to logistics planning and execution
  • Assessments and selection procedures: our experienced diagnostics experts produce assessment and selection-procedure concepts for your organisation that match your target competencies and skills requirements
  • HR consultancy / executive search: we seek and identify talents for you. With our experienced HR consultants we can adjust our service to suit your requirements precisely, from talent-search and identification support, through candidate pre-screening, all the way to the development of complete projects.
  • Recruiter training courses: Active Sourcing is another of Promerit’s future-orientated concepts. We support your organisation throughout this process and train your Recruiting team – in developing Sell Stories and sourcing strategies, but also hands-on in your phone-based approaches to candidates.
  • Interim management: if there is an urgent need in your HR area for experts or managers, we have an excellent network of outstanding, reliable interim managers.

The value we add

  • Our success is thanks to our extensive, real-world operative business experience – this is why we offer all the services required for effective concept implementation.
  • Our roots and experience in HR consultancy guarantee that we know what we’re talking about.
  • At Promerit, our consultancy and services are perfectly aligned with one another. This makes sure that everything works the way it was planned.
  • Our extensive network ensures that we always know the right specialist to deliver an immediate impact in your HR areas.
  • We know that at the end of the day, success is about concept usability and practical implementation: ‘We will be judged by our results’ has been a core principle at Promerit since we founded our business.

Armin von Rohrscheidt

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