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Human Success in a Digital World

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People belong at the heart of the new digital world of work. It is our responsibility to shape this. Let us together find the answers that are expected from us as people managers. Let’s talk about our challenges and experiences, discover new opportunities, be inspired. Let us learn from successful examples.

Human Work/s is the event for decision makers and people managers, HR responsibles, new workers and technology enthusiasts.

The Human Works Summit will end with a gala and award ceremony in the evening. Among the “40 most important minds in personnel management” this year the Personalmagazin, the largest German-language HR trade magazine will award the “CHRO of the Year”   for the first time. The award honors a personality who stands for future-oriented people management​.

The event comes to a close with a rousing party where participants will have plenty of time for networking and exciting discussions. ​

You will find the agenda here.

Promerit-Human-Works-BG-01 (1)
At one glace

Date:                    18th September 2019

Location:           Carlswerk Cologne

Language:         the majority of the sessions will be held in German


  • Day ticket incl. evening event: 950 EUR
  • Early Bird Ticket (until 31.8.) 750 EUR

Discount – From the 2nd ticket for your company, you receive a 15% discount on the order amount.

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New Work, agile, fluid…

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Kai Anderson, F.A.Z., 17.2.2019

Don´t listen to the chatterboxes

The New Work movement bypasses the working reality of many people.

It is subject to partially dangerous illusions; the democratization of decision-making leads to the collectivization of responsibility and thereby a lack of commitment.
It rests on an assumed image of human beings, which only characterizes some of us (not everyone wants to work autonomously).
Above all, it ignores the constraints of the job itself (a care-worker cannot work remotely from a café).
Many impulses stemming from New Work are nonetheless correct. They, quite rightly, question our current ways of working.

Read more about this topic in the article “Hören Sie nicht auf die Dampfplauderer” by Kai Anderson in the current Sunday issue of F.A.Z.

More important however, than the question of how we will work in the future, is the question “what work will we do in the future?”. What will the content of our work be as new technologies are continually developed? Which activities will comprise the job profiles of the future? And what skills will we need? How will we develop them?

We view answering these questions as HR management’s primary task in the upcoming years. We define these strategic areas of action as the ‘Human Work(s)’ and have dedicated a new series of events to this topic, which will begin in September in Cologne.

About the Author

Kai Anderson is one of the leading transformation experts in Europe. He is the founder and CEO of Promerit, a management consultancy specialising in transformation and people management. Executives trust his expertise in organizational and cultural development in the reorganization of their company.

In 2017, the “Personalmagazin” repeatedly named him one of the “40 leading minds in human resources”. Kai Anderson is a frequent speaker at professional events and author of the books “The Agile Company” and “Digital Human – The Human Being at the Center of Digitization”.

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The digital humanists: Bettina Volkens and Kai Anderson

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Digital Human:
Dr. Bettina Volkens und Kai Anderson in interview

Issue 2018.2019, karriereführer digital / Picture Laslo Dani (Jane Uhlig PR)

Bettina Volkens is Chief Human Resources Officer at Lufthansa, and Kai Anderson is an expert in change management who is much in demand. Together they have written a book which shows routes to human digitisation. In an interview, they explain why emotional intelligence will be more important than ever and that it is essential for the younger generation to maintain their digital lifestyle. André Boße asked the questions.

Ms Volkens, Mr Anderson, what route will we be taking? Will our lives become increasingly digital or will the digital world become more human?

Volkens: Digitisation influences all areas of life. In our private lives and the world of business. The upcoming generations in particular have grown up much more naturally with this trend and have been shaped by it. If we continue to engage with it and we manage to get involved in shaping this trend ourselves, then we will find ourselves on the path of human digitisation, one that is controlled and influenced by us.

Anderson: We cannot halt the digital route we are taking – it is impossible not to be shaped by one’s environment. The question is actually whether and how we choose to influence this path. This starts early on at school and continues throughout our professional life. Education is the key – this is the only way that we can create what we call human digitisation.

Why is digitisation still causing such great uncertainty in companies? What is it that makes this change so special and why do we come across so much concern about it?

Anderson: The term digitisation very quickly sets people’s imaginations running wild: digitisation means automation means rationalisation means a cut in jobs. We experience this equation being reached in many companies, no matter what sector. This reaction is human – for the individual personally but also collectively. It is the expression of a company culture which is not open enough about change. It is also an expression of ignorance: many employees in companies understand too little about the subject, which continues to be the domain of IT. 

Is there a silver bullet for defining and establishing this agile culture in companies?

Anderson: Firstly, there’s no silver bullet; every company has to find its own approach. However, a few years ago, many organisations tried to delegate the digital transformation to digital labs or CDO organisations.
Their expectations were not fulfilled. The awareness that the digital transformation needs to come from within and that each employee should be taken on the journey is becoming increasingly apparent. We are therefore once again on the subject of digital skills for all – that is, a digital culture and leadership as well as the design of the new world of work.

Click here to read the full Article (German Version).

Kai Anderson is one of the most sought-after change experts in Germany. His specialty is the reorientation of HR management in international corporations and organizations.

Bettina Volkens is a doctor of law and a Labor Director of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. As a member of the Executive Board, she is responsible for Human Resources and Legal Affairs.

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Best Consultants 2018

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Promerit was awarded by Brand eins and Statista again

brand eins Wissen and Statista have identified the best business consultants in Germany. Promerit has repeatedly made it into the top ranking and has received awards in Human Resources & Coaching as well as Change Management & Transformation.

There are around 19,000 management consultancies in Germany. Through the independent consulting survey, the initiators of the award want to create more transparency in the growing and increasingly confusing consulting market. Around 1,500 executives who provide consulting mandates and 1,800 competitors gave their verdict this year.

“We see digitization as a great opportunity to be realized for the individual, the organization and the society. With structured methods and proper people management, we help organizations to successfully master the digital transformation. The focus is clearly on the human being. We are pleased that our customers have honored this and that we have made it among the best in Germany for the third time in a row, “says Kai Anderson, founding partner and member of the Executive Board of Promerit AG.

The big report can be read in “brand eins Thema Consulting”, Issue 9, April 2018; 9,50 Euro. The complete issue as a magazine is also available in the online kiosk.

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Hot off the press: “Digital HR”

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In the newly published book “Digital HR”, leading business experts and scientists shed some light on the personnel management in the age of digital transformation. It becomes clear that Digital HR is more than a 1: 1 transformation. Digital processes or HR portals only form the basis for further transformation. New keywords such as collaborative HR, agility, and new operating systems for collaboration within the organization are not marginalized by the digitization of human resource management, but are suddenly at the heart of the discussion.

 Consequences of digitization on the HR organization in the 3-legged-model of HR

Kai Anderson and Armin von Rohrscheidt, from the board of Promerit AG, focus in their author contribution on the upcoming changes in the role of HR in the digital transformation.

With digitization in its current form, a real transformation of the HR function is imminent. In the past, developments and trends have mainly affected the market or products; Today, however, all divisions are affected.

As employees in the private sector are used to an easy access to services of all kinds, they will increasingly demand the integration of such services in a professional context. This triggers a change in the HR function and thus also a transformation of the three-legged model of HR.

Every transformation is accompanied by a new self-image and significantly changed skills and competencies. Thus, the “new” tools of HR are called “Design Thinking”, “Scrum” and “Customer Experience Journey”. We see them more often – that’s the good news. However, the effect does not yet lead to the extent that is needed to see a real transformation of the HR areas. This is the challenge for the next few years. But changing that should be the future of HR anyway.

Published in March 2018
Publishing company: Haufe Lexware

The authors

Kai Anderson is one of the most sought after change experts in Germany. He accompanies executives in the reorientation and transformation of the company as well as the design of a modern HR management.

Armin von Rohrscheidt is a partner at Promerit and has extensive experience in HR management and management consulting.

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