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„HR Transformation In The Experience Age“

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Josh Bersin is an internationally renowned HR Transformation Expert. In his latest publication, he shares his thoughts on the transformation of HR in the Experience Age.

As human resources functions grow and evolve along with their organizations, they become more complex and need to transform the role they play. Future HR departments need to become more agile, cross-trained and more like consulting organizations.

The biggest change driver in this is not – as might be expected – technology, but rather the need to focus on delivering „Experience Design.“ To do this successfully, HR must change the way it is organized and abandon the old HR „service delivery“ approach. Instead, HR needs to evolve towards an „ongoing, iterative design and delivery operation“, which understands customer needs and designs solutions which focus on HR experience.

Bersin mentions Mercer as a company who is „well along on this journey: „Several years ago Mercer acquired a brilliant small consulting firm called Promerit, and the Promerit and Mercer teams have been rolling out a new approach to HR transformation.“

To help understand this new approach to HR Transformation and the idea of Experience-Focused HR Transformation, Bersin created a research report on this topic. You can find the report here.

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HR Excellence Award Winner in the category “Corporate Candidate Experience (Events)”.

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We are very happy together with McDonald’s Deutschland LLC. With the project “McDonald’s Job Day: Choose your team” we have won another prize in addition to the 1st place in the category Candidate Experience at the Trendence Awards 2019: the HR Excellence Award in the category Candidate Experience (Events)!

The first German-wide McDonald’s Job Day took place on 27 May 2019 in 800 participating restaurants. The aim was to inspire as many potential applicants from McDonald’s as possible as a employer and to recruit them as new employees. On the day itself, the focus was on experience and getting to know each other. Among other things, the candidates were offered a real experience during the restaurant tour. Suitable candidates received a direct confirmation of employment.

With the McDonald’s Job Day, the project team succeeded in developing a replicable and successful recruiting concept to increase employer attractiveness.

At the HR Excellence Awards, companies are honored for outstanding achievements in sustainable personnel work.

HR projects, which exist in large numbers and are often characterized by extraordinary innovativeness, are thus made possible by increased public awareness. Forward-looking work and outstanding campaigns are awarded the HR Excellence Awards in a fair and transparent competition in the SME and corporate groups.

We are delighted with this award and are incredibly proud of what we have achieved!

(Image source: Laurin Schmid // Quadriga)

For further information on the project or the consulting services in the field of Talent Acquisition, please contakt Michael Eger (Project Manager), Sebastian Unterreitmeier (Project Manager) and Lucas Senzel (Creative Lead).


Michael Eger



Sebastian Unterreitmeier



Lucas Senzel
Managing Consultant


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No topic of elites

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Kai Anderson, founding partner of Promerit – Mercer, talks about digitization and the future role of HR as the title story of the October issue of the magazine “Personalführung”.

Kai talks about the state of digitization in German companies. He emphasizes how important the right mindset is for digitization. We are hindered by the separation of worlds in the minds of departments (such as HR) and IT. It is crucial to understand digitization as an amplifier of our creativity in every form and function.

For some years now, we have been calling for people to be at the center of digitization. Therefore, investments in employees and corresponding digital skills and competences are correspondingly important.

In numerous HR departments, the digital spirit of optimism of recent years has vanished. Many companies continue to work with outdated ERP systems and are fighting on two fronts: The challenge is both to support the digitization of the entire company and to create the digitization of HR services and processes. This will enable HR to expand its strategic role within the organization.

Read the entire interview here. 

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Benchmarking HR Digital – Europe

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Still Transforming or Already Performing?

Find out how companies in Europe and UK are progressing in their HR digital transformation journey – what’s working for them and what’s not.

59% Companies have anchored digitalisation in their corporate strategy

Less than a quarter of companies have successfully completed their HR cloud transformation

Only 3 % HR perceive themselves as the driver of digital transformation

Benchmarking HR Digital Study

Digital transformation is on its way — After years of talking a lot about what it is and what should be done about it – Is HR taking the opportunity to demonstrate its value by laying foundations for working in the Digital Age? Is HR creating great employee experiences by applying new technologies to core processes?

The digitalisation journey holds a great opportunity for HR to move into a strategic position and to make a real contribution to the overall success of the company. But at the moment, the digitalisation gap between the business and HR is growing. Most HR functions are still at the beginning of their transformation journey to become a strategic partner in the digitalisation of the business.

In Mercer’s Benchmarking Digital HR study, we set the spotlight on HR and whether digitalisation is on its agenda. The good news is that 98% of the companies have already started their digital transformation journey. The bad news is that most of them still have a long way to go. So far, only 23% have successfully completed their HR cloud transformation and over 40% have not or only partly anchored digitalisation into their corporate strategy.

Mercer’s Benchmarking Digital HR study evaluates the progress organisations are making in their HR digital transformation journey. It also examines which parts of the journey companies are achieving success in or lagging behind. Insights collected from over 600 participants across Europe and the United Kingdom includes drivers and barriers to digital change such as HR digital transformation, HR-IT landscape and measure of digital transformation maturity based on Mercer Promerit HR Digital Transformation Index.

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HR Digital Survey Tool

To compare your own company’s HR digital transformation maturity with our extensive benchmarks of the „Benchmarking HR Digital“ study, you’re welcome to take part in our HR Digital Survey and get to know more about both, HR’s role and contribution in the company’s digital transformation as well as HR’s own digital transformation.

If you are interested to learn more about your company’s HR digital maturity, please contact



Benchmarking HR Digital


Tuesday, November 5, 2019 3:00 pm GMT time (London)


Benchmarking HR Digital


Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 3:00 pm GMT time (London)


Generali case study redarding the HR Digital Benchmarking

Request the whole study now!

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    Kai Anderson is again one of the 40 leading HR heads

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    This year, for the ninth time, the personnel magazine honoured the „40 leading HR minds“  from the categories “managers, scientists and consultants”. Who are the opinion leaders in HR? Who does exemplary HR work? The personalities stand out because they have significant influence in the HR sector and act as role models in this field. In addition, they are all actively involved in professional life and have strongly promoted an HR topic. Kai Anderson is once again voted one of the opinion leaders.

    The editors of the personnel magazine gave the following reasons for their selection:
    Kai Anderson sets a goal for consulting projects that consultants rarely use as a yardstick: fun. The projects should not only deliver a result for his clients, but should also be fun for those involved. The corporate culture of the HR consultancy Promerit, which he co-founded 20 years ago, includes relaxed manners and a good team spirit, as well as celebrating together, with which Kai Anderson likes to be involved into the early hours of the morning. The industrial engineer knows how to track down trends and turn them into consulting concepts. With the books “Agile Company” and “Digital Human” he has published two highly regarded books, which he has also used to expand his network. He is now well wired on the HR floors. More than a year ago, together with his partner, he sold “his” consultancy Promerit to the listed management consultancy Mercer and has so far ensured that the Promerit brand name and corporate culture have been retained. The thoroughbred entrepreneur now has to report, but enjoys the international scene that the new environment offers.”

    The complete list of the award-winning individuals and the reasons for their choice can be found here.

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