Working at promerit – ordinary is different

Our consultants. Committed to HR. Committed to transformation.

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Promerit consultants have the ‘talent to transform’. When companies want to (or have to) grow or change, above all they need the right people. In our age of volatile markets, digitalisation and far-reaching change it’s more important than ever that people and competencies in companies change – and in the right direction.

This is why we concentrate on business transformation – that is, the question of how company strategies should be implemented, and how organisations can be changed. This requires sound strategy, as well as deep change competence. Modern HR tools and concepts then enable change within the context of HR transformation, ranging from employer attractiveness and recruiting, through topics such as talent management and leadership, to process transformation. Since Promerit was established in 1999 we have applied our very extensive HR digitalisation know-how to concept implementation and constantly updated it. Today we apply this expertise to no less than four HR cloud systems simultaneously: SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Taleo, Workday and Haufe Umantis.

Taken as a whole, though, people – not tools or technologies – are at the centre of everything we do, and this is what we are passionate about. For us, HR is not just boring admin, but one of the most vital – that’s right, vital – and most strategic topics in every company.


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Our understanding of consultancy: effective, pleasant – and with a twinkle in our eye.

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Our team includes very different people, ranging from psychologists, business economists, IT specialists and lawyers to fitness trainers, from Hungarians, Germans, Turks to Bayern Munich fans, people from the Rhineland Palatinate, Sauerlanders, Westphalians, beer drinkers, prosecco drinkers – and that doesn’t come close to covering everybody. In short, Promerit is 120 personalities. What we have in common is our approach to consultancy. We are not theoreticians: real-world implementation and effectiveness are at the heart of everything we do. We place the highest demands on the quality of our services, but generally take a pragmatic approach. When it comes to hiring, experience and character are more important to us than formal criteria (although these do play a role). Our project management tools are professional, but never rigid. At Promerit we are neither obsessed with culture nor security – a healthy understanding of the situation and empathy will almost always win out. This immediately implies a great deal of self-responsibility; as a practical example, this text was not ‘written by committee’ but simply posted on our website.

Of course, we also use PowerPoint and dress formally on client visits. We place high demands on ourselves. Our job is important to us – in fact we actively enjoy it ;>) What’s more, we believe we can do a damned good job without taking ourselves too seriously. We’ve defined this approach for ourselves as ‘pleasant professionalism’. This is reflected in our consultants’ profiles – we send you people, not suits.

Our approach: Work hard. Share knowledge. And G&Ts.

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We are a high-calibre company consultancy with a project-based business. We frequently travel to our clients. All this means that our work is not always easy – and that consultancy is not just a job but in many ways a lifestyle at Promerit too. Because we know this, we have developed some approaches that let us combine the rules of our sector as well as possible with our personal lives. We do our best to raise the flexibility of our approach; we use tools and technologies that enable us to work effectively from locations other than the office or our clients’ premises. However, we’re not satisfied with that and always think a step further. Agile techniques are a part of our consultancy and we work hard to apply these and constantly develop ourselves further as an organisation.

We’ve implemented a fitness and recreation programme that lets our consultants do something for their health. Stress comes mostly from our project business, less so from internal politics. We often have passionate and direct but always honest discussions with each other. Even when the workload is high, colleagues on all hierarchical levels remain available, and we continue to share knowledge – in projects, or quickly and pragmatically at the coffee machine (which are real magnets at all our offices, incidentally).

And at Promerit, our culture is not always calm and reserved – we thoroughly enjoy a good, long and loud party with colleagues and especially with our clients! Our company excursions are legendary, and have included Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul and Amsterdam – sometimes taking 100 employees along is part of the programme. Just like our New Year’s Reception, which often ends in the early hours of the morning and has earned a reputation as ‘the place to be’ in our sector. Then there’s the ‘Sultan Achmed’, our boat moored in the Westhafen in front of our Frankfurt office… As Kai Anderson, one of our Founders sums it up: “When it’s no fun any more, we’ll call it a day.” Naturally, this doesn’t apply to any particular day or project (see “rules of our sector”, above) but is definitely one of our guiding principles.

Development: Clients. Diversity. Career.

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With 120 employees we have become one of the largest teams of consultants in our specialist segment. We can call on over 15 years of experience and have earned a reputation as a niche champion – meaning we can not only work for very large clients but also for medium-sized companies and ‘hidden champions’. As consultants we personally experience the widest imaginable variety of companies each and every day. Generally we don’t spend 4 or 5 days in a row at one single client, but will often spend time in workshops with several different ones, bouncing back to our own offices whenever necessary.

At our clients we act outside hierarchies and often have contact with the Executive Board as well as the youngest trainees. Through this diversity and the high quality of our services our consultants learn a great deal very quickly. We do not churn out ‘off-the-peg’ consultancy but always stay in very close contact with our clients. Our livelihood depends on our consultants’ expertise, and we explicitly ensure that we constantly have an outstanding armoury of HR tools available to them. Within this, we do not see ourselves as an ‘up-or-out’ consultancy with a raft of junior consultants and a high staff turnover, but as an organisation that develops people constantly and strengthens itself through this approach.

We aim to make experienced Senior Consultants out of curious young consultants thanks to sound basic professional training and early hands-on involvement in projects (yes – this can also mean taking the Minutes or producing extensive PowerPoint presentations). And we work to turn these Seniors into Managing Consultants or genuine gurus (Expert Track) through the right training, qualifications and early project leadership. If their motivation and skills are high, we also train genuine entrepreneurs – the Management Track starts with responsibility for Personnel and Acquisition, and can quite realistically lead to a Partner position.

Differently to common practice in industry we have no fixed organogram at Promerit, and career progression doesn’t depend on occupied positions becoming vacant. Whoever wants to and can is able to develop with us – with no need for pushing and shoving, simply moving together with everyone else. This also applies to our remuneration model: the variable element depends on the performance of the overall team, and we see ourselves as a ‘hunting club’ that wins or loses together (and we very rarely lose ;>).

Working locations: Germany. Switzerland. Hungary. And everywhere else!

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Our offices are all well equipped and easy to reach. We maintain close contact with our clients and constantly develop new approaches in our offices – right from our creative spaces through to our quiet rooms, our workplaces reflect our own very high standards in representation and working flexibility.


Our Head Office is in the futuristic Torhaus Westhafen in the modern Westhafen (‘West Harbour’) neighbourhood, right on the River Main – a stone’s throw from Frankfurt Central Station and very close to the city centre. From a logistical perspective Frankfurt is the best-connected city in Germany – and a much nicer place to live and work than its reputation! Everyone who takes our company boat the ‘Sultan Achmed’ in the evening towards Eisernen Steeg and sees the skyscrapers and traditional city landmarks glowing in the evening sun, or who gazes at the apple-wine bar terraces lining the neat banks of the River Main, will know that easy city access-and-exit is by no means the only advantage that Frankfurt offers.

Highlights: Friday evenings on a bar terrace by the River Main, Silvio’s weekly training routines in the Fitness Room, table football on the highest level, and river trips on board the ‘Sultan Achmed’ to snaffle a falafel on the Kebab Boat.

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Our office is close to the Central Station in the ‘Art Deco Palace’, right next to the Augustiner Biergarten. The traditional architectural ambiance has been skilfully modernised and makes for an exceptionally attractive working environment. Everything centres around the kitchen, where the stocks of snacks and drinks are perfect for a spontaneous party – and Munich itself needs no introduction. Whether you view it as the ‘most northern Italian city’, ‘Mia san mia’ (‘We are who we are’) or ‘world city with a heart’, Munich offers a quality of life like no other location in Germany.

Highlights: lunch (or a meeting) in the Augustiner, a spontaneous prosecco on Tuesday evening. Or Wednesday evening. And quite possibly Thursday evening too. Finishing a regular meeting in the Milchbar. The superb crêpes just around the corner. A dash to McDonalds, or the killer kebab stall… vongole at Vapiano, a great Greek, a tantalising Thai – or hot buns from the bakery at the Coach Station just opposite!

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Budapest & Gyor

Gyor is Hungary’s sixth-largest city – 120 km from Budapest and Vienna, and just 80 km from Bratislava. Our office is right in the heart of Gyor’s historic baroque city centre, in the pedestrian precinct between Szechenyi Main Square and the National Theatre. In the ‘city of rivers’ as Gyor is sometimes styled, our premises are just a few metres from the banks of the beautiful River Danube, making it easy to enjoy lunch on one of the boats lining the river bank. Since 2018 we have also been present in the vibrant city of Budapest with all its cultural life, many festivals, theatre performances and concerts as well as sporting events.

Highlights: Bowling and squash at our partner Hotel Győr (Famulus****), team events in the traditional Hungarian inn ‘Csárda’, wine-tasting in world-famous vineyards (‘Son of the Wind’ Country Hotel Nyúl), and excursions around Gyor (kayaking and canoeing around the islands on the Danube).

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On the road

When we’re on the road, we also try to blend in quality of life with our job. Depending on where our professional duties take us, we choose the most sensible means of transport, not necessarily the cheapest. Our Travel Management Department is very well organised and in most cases can take personal preferences into account (hotel in the city, hotel with fitness facilities, a traditional guest-house – the range of wishes is richly diverse). We are very seldom on the road alone, and it’s usually possible to explore the assignment location with other team-members. Given the company of friendly colleagues and a dose of healthy curiosity, then it doesn’t matter (too much) whether you’re working in Paris, Oslo, Berlin, Minden, Burghausen or Aurich.

About us: other essentials you need to know – the key Questions and Answers.

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How is “Promerit” pronounced?

In fact this is the most Frequently Asked Question. We keep a wonderfully colourful collection of all the different versions, which range from “Prommmerit”, through “Promeriiit” and “Prommer IT” to “Promerti”. The right pronunciation is “Promehrit”.

Right. And what does the name mean, exactly?

Yes, that’s the next most FAQ ;>) There are a couple of unofficial interpretations, which new colleagues will get to know only when they’ve come on board (and they’ll just have to accept that). Actually, ‘Promerit’ is Latin and means ‘for success’.

Do you address each other formally or informally?

Well, internally we’re on familiar, first-name terms with our colleagues on all levels – which does not lessen our respect for each other one bit. If someone starts yelling they’re in the wrong, and “Jack, you’re an idiot” is no better that “Mr Jones, you’re an idiot”.

And do you have a dress code?

On visits to our clients we wear what our clients usually wear. In the more conservative insurance sector that will generally be a suit (for both men and women), while at start-ups it will often be jeans and an open shirt. Internally we’ve decided that we dress according to our role, while making sure that a client visiting our offices on a regular working day won’t leave in shock. This leaves broad scope for individual interpretation, but in general none of us will be wearing a suit and tie – unless we actually feel like it.