In a world where certainty does not exist,
agility is all.

Business Transformation Consulting

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In a world where certainty does not exist, agility is all. Companies are successful if they and their employees are capable of change. The levers for agility lie in corporate culture, leadership, structures and success-critical competences. We help our clients to operate these levers successfully.

The essential approaches of our business transformation consulting have emerged in recent years. As a sparring partner for the company management and HR executives, we now directly support the implementation of corporate strategy. The combination of modern working techniques, new communication formats and agile forms of organisation creates solutions that bring about real change in the company.

At the core of the business transformation consulting services are our agility and change management services. Our approach is to activate everyone in the organisation and to make them capable of change.

Our consulting services associated with strategy execution bring corporate strategy to the organisation. Using intelligent communication and dialogue formats we create understanding and motivation for the necessary measures.

The biggest corporate challenge for most companies at the moment is digitisation. With our human digitisation services we create the necessary cultural and organisational conditions, which include in particular digital skills.

With our expertise in business transformation we not only take companies from A to B, but also strengthen the ability of the whole organisation and its employees to effect change. For future changes, for a lasting competitive advantage, for long-term success.

Digital Human

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Digitalisation? Of course – what else? But focus on the people, please!

Digitalisation is changing our society and our economy faster than any previous megatrend. It is changing the way we live together, communicate and buy things. It’s also changing our approach to working together, as well as how and where we do it. The opportunities from digitalisation arise from the application of new technologies and methods; consequently, these are opportunities for people who realise their own potential as well as the potential of digitalisation.

Through Human Digitalisation we support organisations on their journey towards successful digital transformation. We advise companies’ top decision-makers and HR management in drafting a realistic vision for the organisation of the future that harnesses the full potential of digitalisation. Together we develop a bespoke roadmap to harmonise the needs and talents of people with the new reality of work. In partnership with our corporate clients we lay the foundations for successful transformation.

Launching Human Digitalisation – our services

  • Identification of the organisation’s degree of digital maturity based on the HR Digital Transformation Index (developed in partnership with the University of Liechtenstein).
  • Development of a target picture of the digital organisation in the following dimensions:
    •    Digital Workforce
    •    Digital Culture
    •    New Work and Collaboration
    •    Agile Leadership
  • Identification and prioritisation of fields of action
  • Development of a roadmap to implement the vision
  • Supporting and guiding implementation through communication, qualification and participation (see below).

Our role in the Digital Transformation

  • Source of Digital Transformation initiatives for decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Development and execution of communication and change measures to drive the necessary cultural transformation
  • Design and staffing of digital offices and digital initiatives
    Development of digital competencies and anchoring these in HR tools
  • Recruiting from success-critical digital target groups
  • Design of agile organisational units and collaboration practices
  • Design of development programmes for employees and management.

Agility & Change Management

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The pace of change is accelerating exponentially and is increasingly presenting companies with major challenges – thus making agile change management a vital success factor. What’s more, companies need to adopt change as a fundamental attitude and integrate the corresponding approaches if they wish to remain successful in the future. Successful change management is the only constant in transformation!

Our services

We help you to align your organisation with agile change management through a comprehensive spectrum of services:

  • Systematic analysis of the change imperative / need for action: what do we need to change?
  • Conception and implementation of effective / agile / professional change management architectures / implementation plans / roll-out plans: how do we want to implement change?
  • Measuring success and commitment: what do we need to measure?
  • Conception and facilitation of workshops / conferences / large group events: how do we want to work together?
  • Innovative information and communication concepts: how do we want to exchange information?
  • Coaching for management and employees: who needs to develop further?

The value we add

  • At Promerit we provide a unique combination of HR and operative business experience
  • Our change management approach gets right to the core of your business, targeting the operative heart of the company
  • For us, change management is not an end in itself but an entrepreneurial method of choice
  • We understand agility not as a method but as an all-round attitude
  • This attitude also drives our change-management consultancy – it means so much more to us than sporadic supervision and friendly process-facilitation!

Talent Attraction & Recruiting

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Themen wie Demographie, Wertewandel und Digitalisierung zwingen Unternehmen dazu, sich ständig und in hoher Geschwindigkeit zu verändern. Um erfolgreich zu sein, benötigen Unternehmen vielfach neue Kompetenzen, die sie nicht komplett aus der bestehenden Workforce heraus entwickeln können. Der externe Zugang zu Zielgruppen und damit ein wirkungsvolles Personalgewinnungsinstrumentarium werden zunehmend mission critical.

Unsere Dienstleistungen

Wir helfen Ihnen, Ihre Personalgewinnungsorganisation dauerhaft auf die Zukunft auszurichten:

  • Personalgewinnungsstrategie: Abgleich der Anforderungen aus der Unternehmensstrategie, Definition der Zielgruppen, Analyse des aktuellen Personalgewinnungsinstrumentariums, Formulierung der Strategie, Definition der Instrumente und Prozess
  • Arbeitgeberattraktivität / Employer Branding: Analyse der tatsächlichen Arbeitgeberqualität, Formulierung der Employer Value Proposition, Kommunikationskonzept nach innen und Außen, Kreativkonzept
  • Personalmarketing / Sourcing: Identifikation der Maßnahmen, Kanäle und Formate zur Ansprache der erfolgskritischen Zielgruppen, Anwendung neuer Techniken zur gezielten Ansprache (Active Sourcing, TRM, Guerilla Recruiting, Social Media)
  • Recruiting / Talent Acquisition: Neuausrichting der Recruiting-Organisation, Ableitung von Rollen, Prozessen und Service Leveln, Ausrichtung des Recruiting aus Candidate Experience)
  • Employer Transformation / Arbeitgeber der Zukunft: Gestaltung von modernen Arbeitsformen, Arbeitswelt 4.0
Unser Mehrwert
  • Promerit bietet ein ganzheitliches Portfolio: von der Übersetzung der Unternehmensstrategie über die richtige Personalgewinnungsstrategie, -prozesse und –konzepte bis hin zu Systemeinführung und Anwendung
  • Wir können Arbeitgeberattraktivität wirklich beurteilen und verbessern und gehen damit viel weiter als es mit reinem Employer Branding möglich wäre
  • Wir verfügen über ein hohes Zielgruppen- und Prozessverständnis durch Erfahrung in vielen Branchen
  • Team, das Kommunikation und Kreation auf höchstem Niveau, modernes Konzept-Know-how und echte Recruitingpraxis vereint
  • Schnittstellen Know-how zur Technologie (E-Recruiting und CRM) sowie zu angrenzenden Konzept-Themen (z.B. strategische Personalplanung und Kompetenzmanagement)