Beste Berater 2021: Oops, we did it again!

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Every year, the business magazines brandeins and Statista select Germany’s best consultants. Mercer and Mercer | Promerit made the list again this year in the categories “Human Resources & Coaching”; meaning we can call ourselves “Best Consultants” for the sixth time in a row.

Winners are selected through a combination of expert assessments and client recommendations. Approximately 1,500 executives from companies of all sizes took part in the survey.

We deeply appreciate the recognition, especially during the pandemic. We would like to thank our customers and colleagues for the fantastic feedback – we are very grateful for the trust they have placed in us! Thank you also to our employees, we wouldn’t be among the best without them. Over the years, their commitment has ensured consistently high-quality consulting.

Further information about the survey, the procedure and the list of the best consultancies can be found in the current issue of the brandeins magazine (March-May) or online at

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Global Talent Trends Studie 2021

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With a global pandemic kicking off 2020, the new decade has been filled not only with fevered discussions about our health, wealth, jobs and well-being – but about the impact on our collective futures too. We’ve embraced new technologies more rapidly than we could have imagined. We’ve adopted remote working at speed. And the health and safety of our people has never been more critical.

COVID-19 didn’t just invade bodies, it exposed cracks in existing structures and accelerated change towards what was previously termed the ‘future of work’.

The four trends Mercer uncovered last year have not only endured an extraordinary year, they have grown in relevance. What is critical now is how companies act.

Read more about priorities, best practices and recommended actions for the corporate agenda in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the Mercer Global Talent Trends 2021 DACH Report. Explore Mercer’s refreshed 2020–2021 Global Talent Trends Report and new 23 geography companion editions to understand the priorities setting the agenda for 2021 globally and locally.

Focus on futures
Work together to ensure people thrive now and in the future.

Energize the experience
Inspire and invigorate people by redesigning the work experience.

Sense with science
See ahead by augmenting Al with human intuition.

Race to reskill
Transform the workforce for a new world economy.

You can find a press release with the most important results for Germany here.

Discover what the trends mean for you and your business

Our webcast on Global Talent Trends 2021 presents the most important insights for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and sheds light on what we can derive from the global trends for our HR practices.

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Kongsberg Automotive: continuous employee development is picking up speed

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Kongsberg Automotive is a global company with 25 international offices and over 10,000 employees worldwide. It produces components for the world’s leading automobile producers. As Industry 4.0 evolves into Industry 5.0, automation, individualized mass production, and closer integration of people and machines are becoming increasingly important. Kongsberg Automotive must ensure that all employees have the necessary skills and qualifications to meet future requirements. A scalable, modern and digital HR function is essential to support this goal.

In order to involve the employees in this change, Kongsberg Automotive decided to give them more control and thereby more responsibility over their professional development and careers. This project led to a complete redesign of the HR function.

Kongsberg Automotive selected SAP Gold Partner Mercer | Promerit to complete this project. SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, which supports talent management and learning & development, was introduced in close cooperation between Kongsberg Automotive and the Mercer | Promerit team. All employees now also have 24/7 access to HR self-services via the mobile app on their smartphones. The project was implemented in just five months in more than 40 locations including support for 15 languages worldwide.

“Working with Mercer | Promerit was extremely positive. The implementation went seamlessly and was completed much faster than planned. ”- Marcus von Pock, Executive Vice President Human Resources and Communication, Kongsberg Automotive

Today, SAP SuccessFactors EmployeeCentral is the central repository for all HR data. Now, Kongsberg Automotive has a central source of information and can quickly access the latest employee data as well as extensive reporting functions.

“Since all HR processes are integrated into a single source with the SAP SuccessFactors system, it is easier for us to create a pleasant work experience,” says von Pock. “More opportunities and greater satisfaction mean that employees are more committed and motivated to continue their professional development – exactly what we need to develop our workforce and master the path into the future.”


Download the complete SuccessStory here.

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Roundtable: HR Management Consulting:
Into the future will full speed ahead

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An unexpected opportunity

As negative and sad as the Corona crisis is; in recent months, HR has been able to successfully demonstrate what it can do. However, if the gain in reputation is also to be accompanied by more say and higher budgets, next steps must be clearly set. Which steps are needed was discussed with six HR management experts at the Round Table: HR Management Consulting.

The Corona crisis has a particularly large impact on the trust base within companies. The massive move to working from home, for example, posed many executives – and not just the old school ones – with the question of how they can still ensure the motivation and performance of their teams. A change that may affect corporate culture is taking place.

“Control in the 21st century is an illusion,” states Kai Anderson of  Mercer | Promerit. Despite smart systems, the ‘command and control’ paradigm can no longer be maintained. However, some executives have trouble facing this new reality. It’s no longer possible to do anything other than trust employees and empower them to act more independently. “This has massive implications for leadership itself. The topic needs to now be approached from scratch. Otherwise you will be just as far after the crisis as you were before – with old instruments from the previous century. ”

You can download the full article here. (in German)

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Transformation from the Top

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Article by Kai Anderson, 15th of October 2020 in return – the magazine for transformation and turnaround (original piece in German)

Everything has already been said about the importance of leadership for successful transformations. The greatest potential for adaptability, however, lies within personnel development.

When Johannes Teyssen, CEO of Eon, fills a leadership position, he allows candidates to provide up to three references. Not from previous managers, but from people the candidate has supported or promoted; making personnel development competency a central selection criterion for management functions. If this kind of thinking caught on, we would be less concerned about companies’ abilities to change. The logic behind this is clear: the development of organizations and employees are mutually dependent. This responsibility lies clearly with leadership, as exemplified by Eon CEO Johannes Teyssen.


Two key misconceptions lead to failure

The first illusion lies in the self-perception of many managers, who consider themselves good leaders and therefore do not see any reason to change themselves or their behavior. However; in every employee survey two areas of action are always the frontrunners: leadership quality and communication. The same view is shared by management – but others are always responsible.


The second illusion that hinders change lies in the fundamental understanding of leadership. Leadership is often equated with directing or controlling. Control is an illusion in a world which we describe with the acronym VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity. In this world, we must not only organize ourselves differently, but we must first begin to think differently. Empowerment and trust replace command & control as the foundational understanding of leadership.

For Kai, these illusions are the reason why the theory regarding leadership’s central role in transformations often doesn’t translate to practice.


Making the change to a culture of trust as a prerequisite for a modern, adaptable and efficient organization is the real transformation.

The transformation begins with overcoming these illusions. For this reason, questioning your own leadership style by gathering feedback and through regular reflection within the management team is necessary. Additionally, dialogue with co-workers and employees is imperative to carry the change into the breadth of the organization and enable it to develop further. This kind of dialogue-oriented transformation requires a lot of effort and more notably, time – otherwise it simply will not work.


When real dialogue is experienced, honest feedback is asked for and responsibility is delegated consequently, then you can win the trust of the organization. The resulting engagement – activation of the workforce – tilts the entire system towards a new and better state.


Empowerment doesn’t mean leaving the empowered to their own devices

On the contrary, dialogue is more essential than ever to support the newly responsible and further their development. In short, the development of employees is the most effective method for enabling real transformation.


Here you can read the full article.



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