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An unexpected opportunity

As negative and sad as the Corona crisis is; in recent months, HR has been able to successfully demonstrate what it can do. However, if the gain in reputation is also to be accompanied by more say and higher budgets, next steps must be clearly set. Which steps are needed was discussed with six HR management experts at the Round Table: HR Management Consulting.

The Corona crisis has a particularly large impact on the trust base within companies. The massive move to working from home, for example, posed many executives – and not just the old school ones – with the question of how they can still ensure the motivation and performance of their teams. A change that may affect corporate culture is taking place.

“Control in the 21st century is an illusion,” states Kai Anderson of  Mercer | Promerit. Despite smart systems, the ‘command and control’ paradigm can no longer be maintained. However, some executives have trouble facing this new reality. It’s no longer possible to do anything other than trust employees and empower them to act more independently. “This has massive implications for leadership itself. The topic needs to now be approached from scratch. Otherwise you will be just as far after the crisis as you were before – with old instruments from the previous century. ”

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