The best strategies for bringing teams together post-lockdown

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In his recent interview with the TextilWirtschaft magazine, Kai Anderson, Partner and Member of the Board at Mercer | Promerit, shares which measures you can take to successfully bring your team back together post-lockdown.

Kai makes clear, that dialogue where employees and managers are on equal footing is key. First and foremost, the purpose of this dialogue is to ensure transparency. This could mean discussing the costs of suppliers or personnel and even potential scenario, as well as the probability of their occurrence, with your employees. Leaders should take the concerns of their employees seriously, be open about their own doubts and finally create hope, that together, as a team, you will make it out of the crisis alright.

“Employees often motivate each other, when they know what is really going on”

When successively bringing team members back from short-term-work, communicating the right message is essential. Sound reasoning backing your decision combined with involving employees in the decision will turn affected stakeholders to active participants.

In the best-case scenario, this existential threat can strengthen team cohesion in the long-term”

Kai is confident, that after the crisis, dialogue, transparency, solidarity and understanding will be retained at many companies.

The full interview is available to read in the TextilWirtschaft magazine # 19/2020. Link.

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