„The Corona crisis is an acid test for HR!“

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In the current edition, the “Personalführung”- magazine reports on the role of HR in the time of Covid-19. Kai Anderson, partner of Promerit AG shares his opinion on this topic.

Within only a few weeks, the Corona crisis has practically paralyzed social and economic life. According to a Stepstone survey, 95 percent of respondents expect the crisis will affect society and the economy in the long-term. Additionally, 37 percent of employees are worried about job security.

The crisis has pushed HR into focus within companies: in addition to protecting employees, HR must set the course for the future.

“The Corona crisis is an acid test for HR”, emphasizes Kai Anderson, Partner of the HR consulting firm Promerit. Most companies have prioritized their employees’ health – without a doubt, the correct decision. Nonetheless, HR must reevaluate the effectiveness of their toolbox in light of this crisis.

“Communication and leadership are needed to provide people with orientation” suggests Anderson. Many HR functions have catching up to do in this area. Leadership topics need to be specifically addressed and supported by HR.

“Particularly younger leaders, less experienced with crises, need practical support in the form of training, mentoring or coaching” says Anderson. “Work organization and codetermination are standard within HR, the topic of virtual collaboration however, is still done on a freestyle basis in many organizations.”

In most companies, the first crisis management step was to transition- practically overnight – to working from home. According to Anderson, “through the now necessary use of digital working methods and corresponding tools, many leaders are experiencing the digital transformation in a time lapse”. And many, who dismissed or even actively opposed these methods have now realized – they actually work.

In Anderson’s view, companies that have combined trusted and effective methods with digital tools have a clear advantage: “simply transferring the boring, old working formats point-by-point to new technologies is not going to make work any better”. He expects the percentage of virtual work in projects to increase by 20 to 30 percent due to the Corona crisis; he also sees this as a win-win situation for companies, employees and the environment.

The whole article is available for you to read here. (In German)

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