„HR Transformation In The Experience Age“

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Josh Bersin is an internationally renowned HR Transformation Expert. In his latest publication, he shares his thoughts on the transformation of HR in the Experience Age.

As human resources functions grow and evolve along with their organizations, they become more complex and need to transform the role they play. Future HR departments need to become more agile, cross-trained and more like consulting organizations.

The biggest change driver in this is not – as might be expected – technology, but rather the need to focus on delivering „Experience Design.“ To do this successfully, HR must change the way it is organized and abandon the old HR „service delivery“ approach. Instead, HR needs to evolve towards an „ongoing, iterative design and delivery operation“, which understands customer needs and designs solutions which focus on HR experience.

Bersin mentions Mercer as a company who is „well along on this journey: „Several years ago Mercer acquired a brilliant small consulting firm called Promerit, and the Promerit and Mercer teams have been rolling out a new approach to HR transformation.“

To help understand this new approach to HR Transformation and the idea of Experience-Focused HR Transformation, Bersin created a research report on this topic. You can find the report here.

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Written by Laura Häußler · · News, Public Relations
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