Kai Anderson, founding partner of Promerit – Mercer, talks about digitization and the future role of HR as the title story of the October issue of the magazine “Personalführung”.

Kai talks about the state of digitization in German companies. He emphasizes how important the right mindset is for digitization. We are hindered by the separation of worlds in the minds of departments (such as HR) and IT. It is crucial to understand digitization as an amplifier of our creativity in every form and function.

For some years now, we have been calling for people to be at the center of digitization. Therefore, investments in employees and corresponding digital skills and competences are correspondingly important.

In numerous HR departments, the digital spirit of optimism of recent years has vanished. Many companies continue to work with outdated ERP systems and are fighting on two fronts: The challenge is both to support the digitization of the entire company and to create the digitization of HR services and processes. This will enable HR to expand its strategic role within the organization.

Read the entire interview here. 

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Written by Laura Häußler · · News, Public Relations
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