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Kai Anderson, F.A.Z., 17.2.2019

Don´t listen to the chatterboxes

The New Work movement bypasses the working reality of many people.

It is subject to partially dangerous illusions; the democratization of decision-making leads to the collectivization of responsibility and thereby a lack of commitment.
It rests on an assumed image of human beings, which only characterizes some of us (not everyone wants to work autonomously).
Above all, it ignores the constraints of the job itself (a care-worker cannot work remotely from a café).
Many impulses stemming from New Work are nonetheless correct. They, quite rightly, question our current ways of working.

Read more about this topic in the article “Hören Sie nicht auf die Dampfplauderer” by Kai Anderson in the current Sunday issue of F.A.Z.

More important however, than the question of how we will work in the future, is the question “what work will we do in the future?”. What will the content of our work be as new technologies are continually developed? Which activities will comprise the job profiles of the future? And what skills will we need? How will we develop them?

We view answering these questions as HR management’s primary task in the upcoming years. We define these strategic areas of action as the ‘Human Work(s)’ and have dedicated a new series of events to this topic, which will begin in September in Cologne.

About the Author

Kai Anderson is one of the leading transformation experts in Europe. He is the founder and CEO of Promerit, a management consultancy specialising in transformation and people management. Executives trust his expertise in organizational and cultural development in the reorganization of their company.

In 2017, the “Personalmagazin” repeatedly named him one of the “40 leading minds in human resources”. Kai Anderson is a frequent speaker at professional events and author of the books “The Agile Company” and “Digital Human – The Human Being at the Center of Digitization”.

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