SYNTHESIS Global Summit – the Future of Work

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In London on 25 April, Mercer will convene executives from around the world and across industries to reimagine how work, the workforce and business growth can intersect in the future. Building upon the success of the June 2017 inaugural event in New York City, and subsequent events in Silicon Valley and Tokyo, the 2018 Global Summit will focus on the The Future of Work.


Often something crucial is overseen in the digital transformation. The human being is at the center of the entire transformation, we call digitization. How do we make sure, it receives full attention? How do we establish a digital culture in organizations? How do we develop digital competencies? What is an appropriate environment for what we call the New Work Order? Find out some answers in the panel discussion with Kai Anderson.


We created a unique experience to push boundaries and challenge participants to think differently about the issues of today and tomorrow. Synthesis is a real-time learning experience that prepares us for the future of work – not just in a conference room, but also in the real world.

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