Second Study on the perspective of the management on HR

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How can HR become a strategic partner of the business?

The study shows that the management wants HR as strategic partner. But are they successful? Are business managers and HR managers already on the right track towards a more integrative, strategic way of working?

On the 29th of September 2014, our comprehensive study on HR from the perspective of the management was published in the Personalmagazin. The study has been conducted for the second time by Promerit in cooperation with the HBM entrepreneur school of the University St. Gallen and the Personalmagazin. 210 managers and board members without HR competencies from several branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part in the telephone survey. After this survey, the results were validated with 14 executives (Non-HR managers) in personal interviews with partners of Promerit.

Core findings

  • Skills shortage is an important topic for companies: 43% of the participants consider recruiting as crucial challenge.
  • 41% of the participants had to postpone investments, because the right managers or employees for the implementation of initiatives were not at hand.
  • Decision makers wish for more HR support to all discussed issues, especially regarding the perception as attractive employer (68%) and regarding the qualification of employees (65%).
  • The participants are in general content with HR. The impact of HR on the implementation of the corporate strategy is the topic they are the least happy with: 12% are not content, very content are only 11%.
  • Three of four companies (74%) don’t dispose of an HR strategy. Even in companies with an HR strategy, employees do often not know the strategy (46%) or the latter is not aligned with the corporate strategy (32%). Thus a basic condition for effective HR management is missing.
  • Managers would prefer a more comprehensive HR support in strategic challenges. In addition, about two third of the participants demand that HR participates as well before strategic decisions are taken and not only afterwards.


If you are interested in the study paper, please write an email to">Carolin Englertand leave your contact data.

For more information, watch this video on our study (in German).

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