Benchmarking HR Digital – (How) does HR manage the Transformation?

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The Benchmarking HR digital is designed to rank companies in their digital transformation from an HR perspective, as well as to raise the value that HR can add both to the digitisation of HR itself and the digitisation of the company as a whole.

For this purpose Promerit has carried out and analysed one of the most extensive benchmarking studies yet into digital HR. We have worked closely with the Lufthansa Group, the HR specialist journal ‘Personalwirtschaft’, TNS Infratest and as an associated Scientific Partner with the Chair for Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Liechtenstein. In-depth interviews with personnel managers and HR decision-makers at DAX-listed companies, coupled with extensive research into many other major German, Austrian and Swiss corporations and international Best Practice case-studies have all contributed to the valuable findings of our Benchmarking Study.

Our benchmarking shows  that personnel departments in Germany are insufficiently prepared for the challenges that digitisation brings. Although more than half the surveyed HR departments had launched related initiatives, significant deficits were evident above all in the digitisation of their own processes. However, an active role in digitising HR opens up excellent opportunities for realising HR’s own aspiration as a partner in the implementation of business strategies.

It is becoming clear that ‘Human Digitisation’ will become the most important area of activity for HR over the next few years. Many organisations have already realised this and made a move. In their approach, a strategic examination of this topic is clearly just as necessary as any quick, pragmatic solutions to demonstrate how HR has understood its role and is beginning to act on this.

Find out more about how HR assesses digital maturity and its own role concerning digital HR in the company, which approach is indicated by international companies’ best practices, and what HR needs to do in this regard.


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