Digital Human

Humans at the center of digitalization

Digitalization? You forgot the human, stupid!

Dr. Bettina Volkens and Kai Anderson present the book “Digital Human” which – with the help of top-class co-authors from economics, industry, and science – gives insight into the current state of digitalization in Europe. Using an approach that places the human being at the center of digital development, they provide fundamental answers to the challenges of digital transformation.

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Human Digitalisation – It’s the human, stupid!

Digitalisation? Of course – what else?  But focus on the people, please!

Digitalisation is a megatrend that is changing our society and our economy faster than ever before. It is changing the way we live together, communicate and buy things. It’s also changing our approach to working together, as well as how and where we do it.


Agile methods don’t necessarily make an agile company

A study on agility in companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

These days, agility is one of the keywords used most often and is considered to be a central feature of successful companies. That is why it is all the more important for us to know how relevant agility really is, what it really is, and how people or organisations become agile.

Benchmarking HR Digital - (How) does HR manage the transformation?

A research of Promerit in cooperation with the Lufthansa Group, TNS Infratest, Personalwirtschaft and the University of Liechtenstein.

The digital benchmarking of HR is designed to rank companies in their digital transformation from an HR perspective, as well as to raise the value that HR can add both to the digitisation of HR itself and the digitisation of the company as a whole.

The agile company

Adaptability is a trait successful companies consider crucial. That being said, the question remains as to how the necessary agility is ascertained. Kai Anderson and Jane Uhlig interviewed more than 30 top managers whose companies had either successfully completed significant transformations, or were still going through the process.

Promerit auf dem Personalmanagementkongress

Besuchen Sie Promerit vom 30. Juni bis 1. Juli 2016 in Berlin auf der größten Fachtagung für HR Management im deutschsprachigen Raum. Erfahren Sie wie HR zum Taktgeber und Schrittmacher im Unternehmen wird, der den Puls der Zeit fühlt und Innovationsimpuls in die Organisation sendet.

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